Existential FAQ

Who are we really? Do we have free will? Do we have a higher self? What is consciousness? What is the meaning of life? Are we part of something greater? What is true success? Do other universes exist? What is the secret of the universe? Are there aliens? Will there be an apocalypse? Will mankind learn before it’s too late? Why do we get depressed? Do soulmates exist? How can we discover our heart’s desire? Can we know God? Why does God not interfere? What should we love and what should we hate? What is karma? Is it safe to die? Do we have a choice to reincarnate? What is a soul’s career? What is our greater purpose? Why are there different religions?

A wise man once said, “If you can’t answer a question in one sentence, you don’t have the answer.” A wise woman once said, “If you can’t explain a thought to a child, you don’t really understand it.” Wise men and women have written volumes answering existential questions. Who remembers all their words? What about answering existential questions in one or two crisp sentences? This is like making decisions.

This book will always be a work in progress. Do you want me to answer one of your questions? Drop me a message by using this form: