The Second Coming of Jesus Christ – An Essay

Not so long ago, an aspect of Jesus Christ’s memorandum re-surfaced that sheds a new light on Christianity: Jesus wasn’t the great exception, but rather the great example. This short essay elaborates on the secret, esoteric meanings of Christ’s Return, which may not be at all what people think it is.


Excerpts: “Does the Apocalypse describe a personal eschatology? Is it enlightenment that arrives like a thief in the middle of the soul’s dark night? Is Jesus Christ’s second coming what Meister Eckhart described in his famous Christmas sermon? ‘We celebrate Christmas so that this birth takes place inside us too. If it doesn’t happen in me, how can it be useful to me? That it happens in me is all that matters.'”


Could it be that the Revelation describes the implosion of our personal world, the youniverse, and the end of common sense and selfishness? … A personal eschatology – does that make sense?

The solemn and devotional, religious ceremonies of the Piscean Age and the fear of God will give way to a friendly, intimate relationship with God. At long last, Jesus Christ’s happy teaching will resurface.

Mankind’s happy end and people’s happy endings are inevitable.

God Father loves us and only wants the best for us. And He rules. Nothing can oppose Him and stand in our way forever. Success can only be delayed – by our ignorance.