The Second Coming of Jesus Christ – The Short Story

What would Jesus have to say if he walked into a church today? Would Jesus be able to re-connect with people? Would he agree to old school or refurbish a contemporary Christianity? Would he get along with the priests?


“You’re an immortal, divine being. A god, and yet, you toil like a slave. Isn’t that hilarious?” Jesus slaps the pulpit three times and doubles over laughing.

There’s a way to live like a god.

We turn silent. We are used to the thought that we’ll go to Heaven if we avoid sins or have our pastor remove them. To labor ourselves into paradise is a new and somewhat discouraging perspective.

“Jesus, Jesus, Jesus! We all will be like Jesus! Long live Tom Christ! Hail Matt Christ! Praise Simone and Jude Christ!”

What can go wrong if Jesus is literally my brother and God my big-hearted old man?