Internal Content Genres

Good stories have two arks: The external ark of the story and the internal ark of the protagonist. Stories are about change and stories with flat characters are exactly that – flat.

If the writer wants his story characters to change, he needs to find a good reason. That’s where character flaws come in. Character flaws amplify conflicts. For example, the protagonist of Jaws couldn’t swim.  That was a good choice because it dramatizes the pursuit of the Want – killing the shark. Internal flaws are even more dramatic, like fears or traumas forcing protagonists to face their inner demons before they can overcome the antagonist.

The internal content genre is all about consciousness. I divided consciousness according to enlightenment psychology:

  • Enlightenment
  • Intention/volition
  • Emotions
  • Intelligence
  • Self-consciousness
  • Mindfulness
  • Memory
  • Subconsciousness

If you’re struggling to decide what flaw you shall gift to your protagonist, you can use the below chart. Remember, it should be connected to the character’s Want.

Internal Content Genre Chart

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