The Raw Hero’s Journey

Can’t explain it to a kid? Then, you don’t understand it. – Albert Einstein

I struggled to explain some phases of the hero’s journey to my 10-year old son. In the process, I stripped it off all obscurities and dramatic devices. Also, I aligned it with the simple camp fire analogy:

  1. Order at the campfire.
  2. Something happens and the hero ventures into the dark.
  3. Hero returns with something new and useful.

Mind the Forced Call to Adventure: Adversity threatens a value. The value determines the genre, e. g. life and death in case of action, or love and hate in case of romance.

Raw Hero's Journey

OW: Ordinary World

II: Inciting Incident

CTA: Call to Adventure

ROTC: Refusal of the Call

FCTA: Forced Call to Adventure

AOTC: Acceptance of the Call

CTT: Crossing the Threshold

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