Who wrote the Genesis? Mystics. Nomadic Israelites who lived half a millennium before Christ. They authored it for nomadic Israelites who lived half a millennium before Christ. These ancient folks thought, felt, spoke, and wrote differently than we Christians do. And they didn’t anticipate us.

If you want to truly understand the Genesis, you need to consult Rabbi Ya’aqob and not Father Jacob. The good news: Literary archeologists like Jeff Benner do their best in digging out the spiritual gems of ancient scriptures buried under the debris of crumbled dogmas. This book is one of many such efforts.

A reader: “Author’s knowledge of the Bible stands out admirably through the treatment and expansions of the Genesis stories. Author excels at creating finely-layered imagery throughout, especially as the God Mother creates earth and life in spectacularly-paced and well-structured segments. Very well done. We get the energy of creation and the purity of each creation.”


In the beginnings, God Mother separates the earth from the heavens.

The literal meaning of Elohim, usually translated as God, is ‘Powers’ or ‘Creative Powers’ as Paul Foster Case2 proposed. The root word is most likely the Northwest Semitic noun El, [אל]. El carries the meanings of ‘strength’, ‘fronting something’, ‘being in an advance position’, or ‘being a binding or cohesive force’.

Try to imagine this formless, liquid abyss of many waters and surfaces. With and within this awesome, abysmal substance, God Mother creates universes. We are made from this stuff, literally! And we literally live, move, and have our being in this fathomless, multi-dimensional matrix.

Noteworthy, maqown, the unnamed place to which Elohim withdrew the waters (Gen 1.9), is the same maqown where Jacob had a vision of the heavenly ladder (Gen 28.11).

God Child is a free and inspirational translation of Adam. Adam means ‘human’, not ‘man’. The Hebrew for man is ‘aish’. In English ‘man’ can mean both man and human, which may have caused the confusion in the first place. If Adam isn’t the first male Homo sapiens, who or what is he? It’s the Cosmic Self. God Child is the singular, Cosmic Self of every human being.

And our Divine Parents have been molding God Child’s soul from stardust. And They have been breathing life-breath into its nose, and God Child’s soul has been existing as a Soul of Life.

Since time immemorial, the serpent has symbolized organic vitality. Serpents move in curves and so does energy. The serpent developed from the Light created on the first cosmic day. In the firmament, it manifests as the life-breath that animates souls. In the physical universe, it manifests electro-magnetism, the light in substance so to speak.

My Personal Interpretation of the Genesis

In the book, I stuck to the original text as best as I could, under the assumption that the authors were prophets, men and women who had access to other realities. I did my utmost to remain neutral – if there is such a thing – to avoid influencing the reader. My own take on the Genesis I summarized in this video: