Enlightenment Psychology

This is the enlightenment psychology model I use in this workshop:

Enlightenment Psychology Model

It is an adaption of the Tree of Life. Below you find technicalities of various psychological phenomena explained in the context of enlightenment, in alphabetical order. If you didn’t find what you were looking for, drop me an email and I will try to answer your question.



Anxieties are survival instincts the avatar elaborates by thought and imagination.


Astrology is the ancient form of enlightenment psychology.


The avatar is a temporary ID a soul assumes during incarnation.  The avatar allows the soul to experience planetary life.

Bad Conscience

A bad conscience is an emotional dissonance that arises when the higher self tries to guide your avatar but your avatar refuses to listen.

Dark Night of the Soul

The dark night of the soul is a short, inevitable moment that takes place before illumination. The dark night of the soul is actually a dark night of the avatar. It follows the realization that the avatar is and can do nothing by himself. It is a psychological death followed by a psychological re-birth – illumination. Illumination is a vision of and a conscious reunion with the higher self.


Enlightenment is the process of expanding consciousness for the purpose of having more grandiose experiences. Take the Enlightenment email mini course to find out more.

Enlightenment Psychology

Enlightenment psychology takes the soul, the higher self, and the evolution of consciousness into account. I compared classical, positive, and enlightenment psychology in this blog post. Take the Enlightenment Psychology email mini course to find out more.

Faith Crisis

A faith crisis is a cognitive dissonance that arises when that which is shown to you (experiences) contradict that which you were told. Take the Faith Crisis email mini course to find out more.

Free Will

The higher self has free will, the avatar doesn’t.

Heart’s Desire

The heart’s desire is the one thing you want to be and do in this incarnation. My heart’s desire is being an inspiring writer. What is yours?


Illumination is a verifiable milestone on the path of enlightenment, the time the avatar has a vision of our soul and the Higher Self and unites with them.


Memory resides in your astral body/mind, not your brain. That is why you can/will take your memory into the in-between-life.


Your personality is made of your emotions, intellect, mind, avatar, brain, and body. Your soul and higher self are above personality.


Assigning accomplishments or character traits (like prettiness) to the avatar that belong to others and/or the higher self. Pride limit the avatar to personal powers and cuts him off from super-personal powers and the higher self’s inspirations. Not to confused with honor, the realization and fulfillment of inspirations.

Sense of Futility

The avatar gets a sense of futility by elaborating (survival) instincts by thought and imagination.


Sorrows are survival instincts the avatar elaborates by thought and imagination.


Your soul is your immortal, cosmic avatar that claims as many planetary lives (incarnations) as it sees fit.

Soul Work 

Soul work is kindling the four soul values – love, happiness, beauty, and love and pursue enlightenment.

Telepathic Noise

All minds – incarnate and discarnate – are connective via a collective, all-encompassing telepathy that produces the telepathic noise. Psychism is the ability to tune into the telepathic noise.

Union with the Higher Self

The higher self prepares our personality to unite with it by teaching it the skills of limitation (focus), verification (faith), and transformation (evolution).