Practical Enlightenment – A Free Two-Year Email Course

How to pursue enlightenment in our modern, fast-paced society?

We can’t shut out the external world, sit under a Bodhi tree, and meditate until illumination day.

We need to do our enlightenment work in the daily grind.

Enlightenment in the grind

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Evolution has taken society to today’s scientific-technological state. Agreed, it caused a surge of materialism. But I believe that this is only a temporary twilight in the collective evolution.

We were born into this particular time to help society and our brothers and sisters in soul to get through this. Good old times are good but old. We need to look forward. We are called to pursue enlightenment under materialistic circumstances and carry love and light into the daily grind.

For this reason, I developed the two-year practical enlightenment email course. I acquired and applied the exercises in this course over a period of more than thirty years. The exercises are simple and effective and can be done anytime and anywhere.


Try that at home!

And at work!

Two Years Practical Enlightenment
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