About Stefan

Modern authors do so much more than write books. They also maintain blogs, produce videos, hold speeches, and discuss relevant subjects on social media. They offer a holistic service that revolves around the value they labor to produce for their audience. In Stefan’s case, the value is enlightenment, the evolution of consciousness.

Stefan is a certified coach in positive psychology and has pursued enlightenment for over forty years.

In this online enlightenment workshop, Stefan showcases enlightenment articles, nonfiction books, videos, and email courses. The workshop’s flagship content is a two-year practical enlightenment email course.

2016, Stefan ventured into fiction writing because he realized it had certain advantages over non-fiction. Non-fiction is ‘telling’ and fiction is ‘showing’. Many enlightenment non-fiction books tell readers about enlightenment (nothing wrong with that), but few show how to do it. Fewer even show enlightened states of mind. We use enlightenment techniques, like meditation, to attune our minds to other (inner) realities and higher aspects of our self. The results are revelations. Stories can do the same thing for us. That is one reason most ancient spiritual scriptures are in story form. You can find Stefan’s fiction books here.

We extract wisdom and understanding and empathy from experiences. Stories are virtual experiences from which we can also extract wisdom, understanding, and empathy. Hence, stories address our most existential needs. As you can see, enlightenment and storytelling have interesting parallels, which prompted Stefan to write a book about storytelling – The Eight Crafts of Writing.

Stefan’s latest project is the Enlightenment Tarot. You can find it here.


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