Immigrants, epidemics, global warming, corruption, aliens, conspiracies, water shortage, death, lack of money, medical bills.

Fears, anxiety, and worries are self-fulfilling prophecies. Why? Because of the law of attraction. Worries go in, bad karma comes out.

The fear of survival is an ancient instinct and deeply rooted in the collective subconsciousness. We multiply the ancient fear of survival – by thinking and imagination – into the modern bouquet of worries and anxieties.

This is a complicated affair because angst entertains. Horror stories fascinate. Doomsday sells. As a fiction writer, I sell worry.

Let’s have a look at the technicalities of angst. This is the enlightenment psychology model:

Enlightenment Psychology Model

Who worries? The avatar, of course. But which side of the brain – the intellect or emotions?

Emotions don’t worry, they want something. If they don’t get what they want, they get angry. Or depressed.

The intellect comes up with anxieties. The intellect is curious and asks a lot of what-ifs. Worry is negative curiosity. If I asked myself the question, “What if one day Planet Earth will run out of resources?” my intellect would elaborate on that idea and rationalize my irrational(?) worry. Two weeks later, I would buy a gun and stock up supplies.

The intellect distinguishes. Hot from cold, safe from dangerous, friend from foe, love from hate and creates a sense of separation. The sense of separation is the root of angst, in particular, the illusion of being separate from the higher self. Union and love are the keys to overcoming angst.

Fears, worries, and anxieties are negative habits. If you want to get rid of them, you need to replace them with positive habits. Habits die hard and you need a strategy. This is how I do it:

  1. I have an angst table. In the first column, I list my fears, anxieties, and worries.
  2. In the second column, I list the (negative) images and thoughts that trigger my fears, anxieties, and worries.
  3. In the third column, I list (positive) counter images

When fears, worries, or anxieties pop up, I connect to the higher self first. That changes my mood from anxious separatism to love-guidance-safekeeping-abundance. Next, I redirect my angst into the corresponding positive counter image or thought, which will transform my angst into serenity.

Usually, it takes me ten redirects before the counter habit is established. This does not mean my worries won’t show up again, it means that the redirect is automatic and requires little attention.

Example? My flaw is impatience, hence, I tend to worry about running out of time. When I worry about finishing a novel, I remember that my path is writing and that my books are just goals. The path matters. I bring to mind all the books I finished to boost my confidence, root myself in the here and now, and enjoy a few hours of writing.

On a side note, if a fear, worry, or anxiety goes back to an experience (trauma), you need to recapitulate as well.

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