The Aquarian Age

Every 2,160 years, Planet Earth enters a new astrological age. Around two thousand years ago, it moved from the Age of Aries, the Age of Empires, into the Piscean Age, the Age of Idealism. This time around, it is moving into the Age of Friendship, the Aquarian Age.

The exact time when the March equinox point moved/will move into Aquarius is disputed. If you want to have a piece of that debate action, check out this article.

I believe it is an academic discussion because there will be a transition phase that partakes of both Piscean and Aquarian qualities. I like to think the turning point was December 12, 2012, because that day was also the conclusion of the previous Mayan Long Count.

Aquarian energies are already entering into all aspects of human affairs and the old ways that are seemingly at odds with the new, friendly ideals will soon collapse. Good to know that the light has already won. Even better being aware of the mounting symptoms, which is the reason why I wrote this post.

The Sisterhood of Mankind

In enlightenment circles, it has been since long predicted that the Aquarian Age will bring about the brotherhood of man. This goes beyond humanitarian efforts and implies a change of paradigm, a change in the way we think and feel about humanity. Misanthropy – including its subtle, religious variant – will soon be a thing of the past.

Naturally, our self-identification hovers around the avatar, the brain-self. The avatar is caught in the sense of separation and fight for survival, it is addicted to consumption, and infatuated with success. But this is not the truth about our self. Our true identity is the higher self and the higher self is a single, cosmic being. Your higher self is the same as mine and as everybody else’s. All souls are emanations of that single, cosmic being and share its divine nature.

With the Aquarian Age, monohumanism will become common sense. A new image of mankind will emerge and put away with cognitive errors like separatism, racism, and elitism.

Help activate the spark of divinity within the heart of every human being. Help increasing it in strength so that it multiplies through the collective subconsciousness. – Ann Davis

Religion and Enlightenment

The light has already won, the darkness just didn’t get it yet.

The Aquarian Age will be an age of enlightenment. Aquarius is an airy sign and stands for Man the Thinker. Religion will return to its roots – the quest of knowing the higher self and exploring other realities. Actually, that was supposed to happen already 2,500 years ago, during the Axial Age, but alas, shadows on cave walls die hard.

At the dawn of the Piscean Age, Jesus Christ initiated a new religion. How may the religion of the new age look like? Whatever form it will take, the underlying attitude will change. The solemn, ceremonial, and idealistic attitudes of the Piscean Age – prone to dipping into absolutism – will give way to a friendly and intimate relationship with the Godness.

The lack of new enlightenment pioneers like Jesus Christ and Buddha is a curious thing though. Maybe there won’t be any and the new religion will emerge from a collective effort.

The Symptoms – Inventive, Humane, and Friendly 

Inventive, humane, and friendly are three outstanding Aquarian personality traits. Inventive should be no doubt, considering the incredible advance of technology we experienced in the past century.

We may have just scratched the surface. Emerging technologies are mind-blowing: zero-size intelligence, deep learning, quantum control, nanotechnology, and advanced robotics to name a few.

It is estimated that by the end of the century, the average life expectancy will reach one hundred years. Scientists already discovered the mechanisms of aging (DNA strand endings wearing out) and are in the process of finding remedies for that.

Despite appearances to the contrary, societies are becoming friendly places. Steven Pinker looked at the stats on homicide, war, poverty, and pollution. He found that we’re doing better than thirty years ago – in all respects. 


Also, Pete Alcorn predicts that life on Planet Earth will be splendid in 2200. He explains his reasoning in the TED talk below and debunks the threat of over-population.

The Aquarian Economy

Due to pervasive Aquarian friendliness, new technologies won’t serve selfish motivations or war, but advance the overall quality of life for all people.

When the corporations and organizations, necessary to keep large companies and financial empires functioning, is divorced from the greed and privileged interest that are now their motivation, there will remain a sound basis for the New Order of the Ages. – Ann Davies

In 2014, Elon Musk made Tesla’s patents available for anyone to use for free, stating that technology leadership is not defined by patents. Isn’t that the spirit.

Probably, you already heard this: The point is, ladies and gentleman, that greed, for lack of a better word, is good. That’s so last age. When the Aquarian Age energies will upgrade the collective consciousness, the lacking, better word will emerge, together with a new economical narrative, for example, a healthy economy:

And a well-being Economy:


And workers owning companies (a blend of capitalism and socialism):

I believe that Aquarian friendliness will take this even further and will make basic commodities available for free. We already have free access to information – via the world wide web. Free communication is happening as we speak (Skype, WhatsApp, Line, etc.). The next step will be free power, predicted to happen in the next one hundred years, followed by free food, water, and living space.

I noticed another trend: Economies are globalizing but, at the same time, individualizing. For example, ten years ago, the publishing industry escaped the iron grip of the five dominating publishing houses. Today everybody can publish a book. Globalization enables creativity on a massive scale and great, life-changing innovations are now emerging from the global people idea pool: tiny houses, microfinancing, crowdsourcing, motorcycle ambulance, the ocean cleanup, bio-degradable plastic bagsedible water bottles, better beehives and many many more.

When We Will Have No Work

Self-driving cars (AI + robotics) will soon replace 4.4 million working Americans. And that’s just the beginning of the end of human labor.

What will people do when they have free nutrition, power, communication, and work just a day a week? They will pursue their heart’s desire and enlightenment.

I believe our planet already experienced a time like that – the golden age around six thousand years ago. What did our ancestors do? They built pyramids.


I found that most first world countries have hundreds of thousands of charitable organizations. According to Wikipedia, the US alone produces charity incomes north of 300 billion dollars.

According to, Bill Gates has donated a total of $45.5 billion through his and other family foundations. Also, Warren Buffett, Michael Blomberg, and Jeff Bezos gave billions to charities. Here is a list of the top 10 donors.

Many startup companies take off with a charity spin, donating a certain percentage of income or production to those in need.

The Facilitation of the Transition

The Aquarian Age is coming fast. As light bearers, it is our responsibility to stay positive and shorten the transition with faith in the change for the better, creative imagination, and positive feeling.

Transition means transformation – the dissolution of the old and formulation of the new. Hence, transition phases tend to be chaotic, and indeed, chaos seems to be a good descriptor of world politics today. But don’t let violence and resurgences of bad old ways deter you from the labor of the New Age. The less we pay attention to the death throes of the old and the more we keep the eyes on the prize, the faster the transition will occur.

Let’s spread fresh Aquarian optimism instead of bad news, in particular, on social media. I wish there were more good news channels like NASDaily. Guess what, Nuseir Yassin is Aquarius.

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