The Art of Experiencing

Why does the world exist? So that souls can experience.

We are immortal souls having planetary experiences.

Over time, even the most beautiful experience gets boring. That is the reason why we are always on the lookout for new experiences.

Once in a while, we run out of new experiences. That is because of our comfy box. Comfy boxes allow only for a certain set of experiences.

For that reason, there is a universal mechanism in place that kicks us out of our comfy box once in a while. This is how it happens:

  • Adversity strikes
  • We ignore adversity as long as we can
  • We apply a fix or workaround to suppress adversity’s symptoms and live with that as long as we can
  • We solve the cause of adversity

How do we solve the cause of adversities?

  • We stop reacting subjectively to the symptoms of adversity and look at it objectively
  • We analyze and understand the cause of adversity
  • We attempt to find a solution
  • We succeed or fail

In case we fail, we learn something from our failure. That increases our understanding, which allows us to try another solution.

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The Turning Point is understanding. Every quality in the world of experience is ambivalent – hot and cold, low and high, sad and happy, etc. The cause of every adversity is an imbalance of a quality.

Adversity exposes us to the symptoms of imbalances to which we react subjectively at first. For example, we curse our headache and pop a pill. Escalating imbalances and failed workarounds force us to get to the bottom of things. We investigate – objectively – the phenomenon of migraine. When we realize what migraine is – unbalanced brain energy – we are in the position to find a solution.

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With an increased understanding of how migraine works, you can now manage your brain energies and access experiences that used to give you a headache. 😉

And you build a new comfy box with a larger set of possible experiences.

Until the next adversity kicks you out of that too.

Souls don’t like change, because they fear endings. They are hypnotized by the death of the old and overlook the birth of the new. The Kübler-Ross model illustrates the seven (negative) emotional responses souls have during adverse experiences:

  • Shock
  • Denial
  • Anger
  • Bargaining
  • Depression
  • Deliberation
  • Choice
  • Integration

We can’s escape karma as long as we have planetary experiences, but we can do something about our emotional responses.

This is the Art of Experiencing:

  • Welcome adversity like a friend
  • Ask yourself, “What do I need to learn now?”
  • Appreciate the opportunity adversity offers
  • Invite adversity to teach you something
  • Feel enthusiastic about what you are going to learn
  • Learn and understand
  • Apply your new understanding
  • Integrate your new understanding into your personal context (expand your comfy box)
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