The Big Five

Recently, the Big Five made some noise because they were used on social media to profile people and target them for advertising and political campaigns.

In this Youtube video, I discuss the Big Five, their relationship to the five elements, the five subtle carriers of sensation, the five faculties of the mind, and apply them to the Chinese Element Cycle that details how the element create and destroy each other.


This is the eighth episode of the Enlightenment and Psychology Slow Talk. The previous episodes:
Part 1: Classical, Positive, and Enlightenment Psychology
Part 2: The Main Difference Between Psychology and Enlightenment
Part 3: The Dilemma of Enlightenment Literature
Part 4: Self-consciousness
Part 5: Transmigration of the Soul
Part 6: Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
Part 7: Order and Chaos

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The (Big) Five Element Cycle
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Image attribution: Geralt @ Pixabay

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