The Book of Dzyan, Stanza 1

The Eternal Parent, wrapped in Her ever invisible robes, are slumbering once again for seven eternities.

Time is not, for it lays asleep in the infinite bosom of duration.

The universal mind is not, for there are no celestial beings to contain it.

The seven ways to bliss are not. The great causes of suffering are not, for there is no one to produce them and get trapped by them.

Darkness alone fills the boundless All, for Father, Mother, and Son are once again one, and the son has not yet awakened to the new wheel and his pilgrimage thereon.

The seven sublime powers and the seven truths have ceased to be, and the universe, the child of necessity, is immersed in perfection, waiting to be out-breathed by that which is and is not. Indeed, nothing is.

The causes of existence are done away with, the visible that was, and the invisible that is, is resting in eternal non-being, a singularity.

All by itself, the singular form of existence stretches boundless, infinite, and causeless in dreamless sleep. Life is pulsating unconscious in the omnipresent space, throughout that All-Presence perceived by the eternal open eye of the Virgin Soul.

But where is the Virgin Soul since the Divine Reality absorbed the Soul of the Universe and the great wheel is parentless?

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