The Chained Soul – The Secret of the Secret

It is easy to grasp The Secret intellectually: The law of attraction attracts experiences according to the way we think and feel. Positive thoughts and feelings invite happiness, health, and wealth. Negative thoughts and feelings do the opposite.

When we hear or read about the Secret for the first time, we can’t help but get enthusiastic about bringing the magic back into our lives. We experience some immediate success, but after a while, the magic fades and life goes back to normal.

Why is that?

The reason: Conscious thoughts don’t have the power to change our lives for good. They can inspire and motivate, but they can’t overwrite habits. New Year resolutions never work. Habits rule.

Over the years, we have acquired all sorts of negative thoughts, feelings, worries, and fears. These negative, subconscious expectations use the law of attraction as do our conscious thoughts. Self-consciousness wanders. Subconscious patterns and habits don’t. They work 24/7. That’s why, when your avatar forgets about the New Year resolution, old subconscious patterns pull us back into our ruts.

Dissolution is the secret of enlightenment – the dissolution of negative thoughts and feelings.

Enlightenment is a demolition project. – Adyashanti Click To Tweet

It doesn’t matter how much a soul yearns for enlightenment, how many books it reads, and how often it meditates. It won’t reach illumination if it doesn’t dissolve the subconscious chains that bind it to negativity, common sense, and a materialistic lifestyle.

If you turn away and refuse to look at that which is disturbing and unlovely in your personality, the higher self will sadly turn away too, hoping that one day you will have the courage to face up to the destructive tendencies that are preventing the higher self from becoming one with you. – Ann Davies

How to remove subconscious chains? By recapitulation. Carlos Castaneda explains this in Magical Passes, page  102: The recapitulation, according to what don Juan taught his disciples, was a technique discovered by the sorcerers of ancient Mexico, and used by every shaman practitioner from then on, to view and relive all the experiences of their lives, in order to achieve two transcendental goals: one, the abstract goal of fulfilling a universal code that demands that awareness must be relinquished at the moment of death; and two, the extremely pragmatic goal of acquiring perceptual fluidity.

Psychoanalysis and confessions achieve the same thing. So does Pratikramana – an important Jainistic practice.

We are chained souls because we have a history. No need to be embarrassed. Take it with humor. Even the most enlightened person on earth has some quirks. Be patient. Appreciate karma that brings subconscious chains to your conscious attention. Appreciate your friends and family who will do the same if you let them.

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