The Child Dragonslayer

I commissioned this picture for the cover of a book that didn’t get published.

The dragon symbolizes two things: the appearance of adverse karma and the personal force that produces karma (Kundalini).

The sense of separation produces the appearance of adverse karma and only with a child-like state of mind (the sense of union) can we enter heaven (achieve illumination).

The armor and weapons indicate that the child-like state of mind we acquire through enlightenment is not innocent. The speer signifies one-pointed focus, the sword the intellect’s discerning capacity, and the armor denotes rationality that protects us from being deceived by appearances.

The dragon’s blood is Esprit, the Life-force, which is the root force of personal vitality (Kundalini).

In the classical German legend, the hero Siegfried slew a dragon and bathed in his blood. This made his skin invulnerable and he could understand birds chatter. Birds chatter symbolizes psychism – sensitivity to the telepathic noise.

You can download a high-resolution A4 file here, print it, frame it, and hang it on your wall.

Alternatively, you can buy it as a magnetic metal poster here on Displate. I don’t know what is more environmentally friendly – not cutting trees or producing metal – but Displate got me when I learned that they plant ten trees for every metal poster bought – almost nine million trees to date. I love trees and I wish I had the time to plant trees in deserts.

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