Comparison Western and Chinese Zodiacs

Here is a comparison of the Western and Chinese zodiac for a quick reference:

Dragon – Aries
Snake – Taurus
Horse – Gemini
Goat – Cancer
Monkey – Leo
Rooster – Virgo
Dog – Libra
Pig – Scorpio
Rat – Sagittarius
Ox – Capricorn
Tiger – Aquarius
Rabbit – Pisces


Although the associations of the Western and Eastern zodiacs look so unlike, they illustrate the same zodiacs. We got an opportunity here, synchronizing odd associations is a rewarding enlightenment exercise. For example, Chinese men fear the Tiger woman and don’t like to marry in the year of the Tiger. The reason: Aquarius insists on independence. Who wants a wife like that? Well, those men who don’t mind to give a woman some space and, in return, get to enjoy an Aquarian woman’s inventive, friendly, and humane vibes.

I also like the comparison between the intelligent-scientific Gemini and the prairie-roaming horse. Or Aries and dragon, the pioneer and intimidating guardian of treasures. Or Taurus and snake, the artful worker with a natural uplink to the higher self that we can establish by  sublimating the bodily serpent force.

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