Learn How to Concentrate in Five Steps

Choose an ordinary object, for example, a crystal.

Step 1: Relax your mind, deepen your breath, and focus on the crystal. Don’t examine the details, just watch it. Allow your mind to wrap itself around the nature of crystals. Concentrate and be receptive at the same time. Watch the thoughts and feelings that come to mind. Your mind will wander off. Whenever it does, bring it back to the crystal. Let only those thoughts and feelings linger that have something to do with crystals. Make notes if you want.

Step 2: Measure your knowledge. Make a conscious effort to recall everything you know about crystals.

Step 3: Measure your ignorance. Meditate on what you don’t know about crystals.

Step 4: Examine the crystal’s details. Look for features that you missed. Some of these will link to your knowledge of crystals, some to your ignorance of crystals. Make notes if you want.

Do this exercise as often as you want/can during the day for seven days.

For days eight to fourteen, chose a different object every day.

For days fifteen to twenty-one, meditate/concentrate/focus on a mental object, for example, an idea or desire. Chose a different mental object every day.

Step 5: Practice the visualization of the fulfillment of a desire. Imagine results. Paint a detailed picture in your mind of what want to have or want to experience. Don’t distance yourself from that image. Get involved. Being is more powerful than having, for example, if you want to be healthy, picture yourself as a healthy person. Don’t be fuzzy, imagine concrete and tangible results. Involve all five senses.

Visualize the fulfillment of your desire as a present reality. Don’t move it to the future. Don’t wish it, neither hope for it, instead feel that the fulfillment is already a reality. Don’t think of this as lying. This is a potent self-suggestion. The mental image you create is as real as the crystal – in another dimension – and it will manifest given enough time.

Every visualization session should end with a deliberate effort to make some detail of the picture sharper and brighter. This is always possible.

Visualization is the key to effective concentration or focus. The mental forces you concentrate and channel into images have real power. They project, like a holograph, your visualizations into the external world.

Things that can go wrong: A woman imagined getting a married man. As a result, married men in the neighborhood chased her. A man imagined counting a lot of money. He ended up in a currency exchange office counting money all day.

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