Enlightenment Cheat Sheet Resource

The Godness is everything, everything is godish.

Souls are miniature copies of the Godness.

A soul is an ocean in a drop.

The Godness is the Self of our Self. It works through us all the time.

We are immortal souls.

We are multiversal beings.

Our souls did not fall, they descended into planetary life and are now on a spectacular ascend.

No such things as godforsaken.

Mankind is the greatest business in the universe.

We have limitless resources at our disposal.

We are souls having planetary experiences. We claim as many lives as we want.

The universe is an RPG game and we are the avatars.

Souls are artists, creators.

Our happy endings are inevitable.

We falsely identify ourselves with the vehicles we use. A goal of enlightenment is moving our self-identification back to our soul.

An enlightenment goal is the direct experience of the Godness.

An enlightenment goal is conversation with the Godness.

An enlightenment goal is the transformation of personality.

We can have an intimate and friendly relationship with the Godness.

All souls will reach cosmic consciousness. Nobody will be left behind.

Evil doesn’t exist, only karma.

Karma is undeviatingly just.

The purpose of karma is the evolution of souls and their personality.

The Godness answers before we ask.

Every desire is a promise.

Sins are just failures, hence just delays.

We walk on spiritual ground.

Our body is a spiritual vehicle, like everything else.

Love is unconditional or it is not love.


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