Happy Crucifixion

The Happy Crucifixion combines Tarot card 22, the World, with the symbolism of the Rose Cross. The World Dancer of Tarot card 22 illustrates the ultimate enlightenment attainment: cosmic consciousness. The Rosy Cross is associated with the cosmos because we can fold it into a (three-dimensional) cube.

The rose at the center of the cross (or cube) symbolizes the synchronization of personal desires with cosmic intentions. The perfect alignment of personal and cosmic forces brings about cosmic consciousness, which enables us to participate (effortlessly) in the cosmic administration.

The white and red roses in the dancer’s hands symbolize involution and evolution.

You can download a high-resolution A4 file here, print it, frame it, and hang it on your wall.

Alternatively, you can buy it as a magnetic metal poster here on Displate. I don’t know what is more environmentally friendly – not cutting trees or producing metal – but Displate got me when I learned that they plant ten trees for every metal poster bought – almost nine million trees to date. I love trees and I wish I had the time to plant trees in deserts.

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