The Inner Sanctuary

We need a sanctuary, a place where we can recover from external and internal stress. A place of rejuvenation, solace, peace of mind, and inspiration.

It could be an actual place, but isn’t it better if we have such a place inside us?

The kingdom of heaven is within. Where exactly? Inside our hearts.

Imagine entering your heart and discovering a vast, lush valley. Or desert if that suits you more. At the center of the valley lies a sanctuary, a little paradise. The literal meaning of paradise is stone-bound enclosure. Visualize a stone wall fencing the sanctuary. Ancient stones, hewn, with magical engravings. the stone is an ancient symbol of the union of the soul with the higher self. Stones are quiet, relaxed, and at peace. And secretive.

Let’s do some numerology. Visualize the sanctuary as a square or circle with four, eight, or twelve open gates. At the center is a shrine, the form of a cube or ball or dodecahedron. Proper proportions produce a sense of beauty. Visualize proportions that give you that sense of beauty.

Let’s keep it simple. Only the poor in mind can last in the kingdom of heaven. Minimalism means focus. Visualize only what is necessary.

Stand outside one of the gates and drop your worries, problems, and concerns. Like burdens. Do the same with your clothes. Your clothes symbolize your earthly existence. Enter the sanctuary as a bare soul. Leave behind emotions like hate, disgust, fear, loneliness, etc. Take only positive feelings with you, like happiness, love, purpose, and the sense of beauty.

Let’s use sensual impressions to create immediacy. Feel the touch of the stone floor on the soles of your bare feet. There is a scent in the air. What is that scent? Roses and lilies? Feel the sun warm on the skin of your soul and the wind in your hair. Hear the sounds of birds in the air, buzzing bees, insects crawling across the floor or the inaudible flapping of butterfly wings.

The shrine is the sanctuary of the sanctuary, the holy of holies. It glows with a soothing, bright light that vivifies the air. That light illuminates, vitalizes, and inspires your soul. This light is known under many names, the Holy Spirit (Esprit), the Mercury of the Sages, Sattva Guna, Mezla, or the Illumination Material.
Inside the shrine abides the higher self. The shrine is filled with the untouchable glory of the higher self that nothing can defile. The higher self is the source of this vitalizing light.

Let’s do some creative feeling. The light of the shrine sanctifies your soul. Feel sacred. Feel godly. Feel holy. Feel the love. You are a soul and love and holiness define your true nature. Be yourself. Be at home. Be at rest. Reach the peace that passes understanding.

When you are ready, have a conversation with the higher self. Call it out of the holy of holies. You don’t need to tell it anything, it knows all about you. Listen and acknowledge. It may impart some wisdom, reveal goals worthy to pursue, lift your spirits, and/or warn you about impending danger.

When you leave the sanctuary, don’t forget to put your clothes back on and make a deliberate (and unhurried) effort of returning to the physical world with the gifts you received in the sanctuary.

Build and treasure your inner sanctuary!


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