The Karmic Spring

Manipulations produce karmic imbalances. Karmic forces push back. We answer with more manipulations. Karma pushes harder. That’s how we wind up the karmic spring.

An example: Lies breed lies.

The moment comes when a karmic spring is fully wound up. With hope and prayers, we cling to the wind-up key. But it is only a matter of time until we fatigue and let go. Our karmic spring unwinds all the way and dismantles our advantages – sometimes quite spectacular.

Competitive societies tempt to bend rules, manipulate people, and take advantage of situations. How many karmic springs are you winding up at the moment?

There is a way to succeed without manipulation, without taking advantage, and without abusing situations. Create our life! Instead of taking from others, you can create – out of nothing – what you want to have and experience. Follow your heart, walk your path, gravitate towards your heart’s desire and karma will work for you.


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Pic attribution: copyright yellowj / 123RF Stock Photo


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