Lotus Meditation

The other week, I came across this phrase: The higher self blossoms with the ego.

The instance I read it, a meditation suggested itself, which I want to share with you:

Close your eyes, breathe deeply and slowly. When you feel that you reached a meditational state of mind, imagine your heart as a small pond whose surface coincides with the surface of your chest.

The pond is filled with pure, unconditional, free-flowing love.

The lowest point of the pond is the point of contact with the higher self, which resides, at the same time, at the center of your heart, as well as in another, higher dimension.

The higher self makes its influence felt at this exact point. Feel the lovely connection. Envision a stem growing out of this point of contact into the pond. Imagine it as something ephemeral, made of love and light.

Let the stem grow upwards, through the water (love), until it reaches the surface of your chest. There, it spreads and blossoms like a lotus flower. Use orange, yellow, and golden shades.

Enjoy the beauty of the flower, which is your ego, now a lovely awareness of the higher self. Their union produces purpose. Sense the love and light that the flower exudes like a fragrance.

Remember your lotus-adorned chest as you carry on through the day and imagine it kindling (secretly) love and light in the people you meet.


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Image attribution: nanoom @ Pixabay

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