The Master Meditation

In the context of enlightenment, the most important task is maintaining a connection to the higher self. I recommend doing this at least once a day formally during a morning meditation, and informally as often as we remember during the day.

We are three things, an ego, a soul, and a higher self. Our soul is our true self-consciousness (the cosmic avatar) that can move up and down, from the rock bottom of personality all the way to the higher self and vice versa. Climbing all the way up and realizing the higher self is the most important enlightenment milestone (illumination).

When we wake up in the morning, our soul descends into personality and identifies itself with the ego (the avatar of our current incarnation).

We are used to living our day as egos. Going into the day as a soul has its perks, mostly clarity and guidance.
The master meditation establishes a connection with the higher self and raises the soul out of the (illusionary) identification with the ego and personality.
I call it master meditation because it is the most important one, not because it can be mastered. In the context of enlightenment, there are no masters, only lightworkers.

The following mental tools help perform the master meditation: creative imagination (ci), creative feelings (cf), and creating thinking (ct).

The master meditation passes through nine phases.

To prepare, find a quiet place with good vibes, assume a comfortable position, close your eyes, breathe deeply, and relax.

When you’re ready, remind yourself that you are a soul. Greet your avatar. Say something like, “Good morning [your name]. How are you today? Let’s get this day started?” Wriggle your soul so it dislodges from the avatar and bounces up.

Initiate a connection to the higher self. The higher self is inside and above you (ct). Feel that inside-above. Establish an emotional connection as well. The higher self is a divine being (ct) that exudes love, happiness, purpose, and sense of beauty (cf). Wriggle your soul and lift it a little more.

Visualize the connection to the higher self as a beam or pillar of white, brilliant light (ci). This light is no ordinary light, it is Esprit, a fusion of spirit, intent, love, light, consciousness, vitality, guidance, inspiration, and divinity (ct). Try to feel all of that (cf).

Suspend yourself in this beam of light. Hang from it like from a sacred and beneficent gallows (ci). This hanging helps with establishing good receptivity to the higher self.

Next, become transparent (ct) and let Esprit flow through your soul, mind, and body into your field(s) of influence (ci) in the external world. You will receive more Esprit if you let it flow through you, rather than just into you (ct). Synchronize the flow with your breath. Breathe in Esprit from above, and breathe it out to that which is below. Bless everything and everybody and every situation with Esprit.

We will now meditate on each aspect of Esprit.

Now, allow Esprit to sanctify and purify your body, mind, and soul (cf). Purity means singularity, in particular, letting go of what is needless and unwanted. Feel how Esprit washes away unwanted and needless desires (cf). Feel how Esprit raises and sanctifies your vibes and how they turn kind, happy, lovely, beautiful, and blissful (cf).
Next, feel how Esprit harmonizes your vibes (cf). Our bodily and mental energies are used to be all over the places, crisscrossing and impeding each other. Esprit aligns them and boosts their frequencies (ct). Feel the peace of mind and strength that comes with it (cf).

Remain receptive to the higher self.

After establishing harmony with the flow of Esprit, let the living light energize your soul and personality (cf). We are used to relying on physical energy, healthy food, exercises, fresh air, etc. Nothing wrong with that, but physical energy is limited. Esprit is unlimited and most reliable. It does not just energize but also vitalizes (cf). Breathe in Esprit and breathe out stale and used energy (ci).

Remain receptive to the higher self.

Your soul and higher self are the mystical lover and beloved the Sufis rave about (ct). The higher self loves you unconditionally. Love it back (cf).
To advance in enlightenment, we need to liberate our soul from emotional modes, like anger, fear, disgust, arousal, etc. Nothing wrong with emotions, they have their place, but they pull the soul down and away from the higher self. Let the soul kindle feelings instead, like love, purpose, happiness, sense of beauty, empathy, kindness, and good-will. Love is the mother of all feelings. You can create love by an act of intention. Produce love in your heart and send it into all six directions of space.

Remain receptive to the higher self.

Next, download an inspiration or two (ct and cf). Usually, inspirations take the form of a thought-image. Take note of everything that comes to mind, however fleeting and dreamlike the thought-image is. Sometimes, an inspiration reveals itself right away, sometimes you will just feel that you’re downloading something and it takes two or three days for the inspiration to appear in your conscious mind.

Now, move upwards to the higher self with all you got. Unite with the higher self (ci). It’s your true self. Feel the love and purpose and beauty and happiness.

Up there, fathom the higher self’s agenda. The higher self is the mediator for cosmic intent. Cosmic intent is singular and, upon arrival at your personality, turns into desires. While the essence of cosmic intent remains untouched, it may take on forms warped by selfishness and lack of understanding. Feel how personal wishes and desires and priorities align to the higher self’s intent (cf) and fathom which part of cosmic intent you are supposed to actualize. Ask something like, “Higher self, what do you want me to do today?” (ct).

The higher self may ask three things:

  • To do something that is important for your soul (or modify something you are already planning to do)
  • To do something for someone else (or modify something you are already planning to do)
  • A job needs to be done that furthers the affairs of mankind or one of your personal tasks needs to be aligned with the affairs of mankind. Find the win-win.

Release from the higher self and let your soul float down to its accustomed place (heightened awareness a little above the ego). End this part of the meditation with a personal adaptation of Harriet Case’s affirmation: I am the instrument for carrying out your Will; please see to it that all that needs to be done this day will be done smoothly, harmoniously and perfectly, without the slightest tension or feeling of pressure, for Thou art all wise, all powerful, and, as I remember to remember throughout this day that Thou art the ever-present worker in and through me, the personality, all will be accomplished with plenty of time to spare.

Last but not least, invite the higher self’s guidance. Recite: “I recognize every circumstance of my life as a particular dealing of the higher self with my soul.” Let the higher self guide you through the strings of failures (which teach you) and successes (which strengthen you) of today. Ask the higher self to reveal the significance and purpose of experiences, warn you of danger, and alert you of things you should do or are about to miss out on.

Remain with your soul for a while and feel its immortality. In your heart and soul, kindle love, happiness, a sense of beauty, and purpose.

Now, you are ready to enter the day as an immortal soul with the ego as a sidekick.

How long should you linger in each phase of the master meditation? Depends. Sometimes, there won’t be an inspiration. Other times, you will be weary and need a lot of energy. Other times again, you may face a crisis and require guidance.

If, during the day, you face a situation, use one of the phases to help you with it. For example, when you are tired, connect to the higher self, establish the pillar of white light, and let Esprit energize and vitalize you. Don’t forget to let it flow through you. Do the same in case you need inspiration, guidance, love, etc.
Here are the phases again:

  1. Remind yourself that you are an immortal soul and dislodge from the ego
  2. Connect to the higher self and suspend your personality in the beam/pillar of brilliant white light
  3. Be transparent to Esprit and share it
  4. Sanctify and purify and harmonize your vibes
  5. Energize and vitalize soul, mind, and body
  6. Create love and share it
  7. Receive inspirations from the higher self
  8. Lift up to the higher self and fathom cosmic intent and what part you play in the scheme of things
  9. Ask the higher self for guidance

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