The Path of Enlightenment

I commissioned this picture for the book cover of the Priest Whisperer, the story of a pastor who was called to prophesy.

This is a variation of Tarot card 18, the Moon. Usually, Tarot card 18 does not show a human because it illustrates subconsciousness. I added the child as a symbol for the inner voice and the guidance of the higher self. Why a child? Because we need to re-establish a child-like state of mind before we can enter heaven – illumination. The appearance of the child is a mixture of the Fool – the alpha and eternal youthful spirit – and the Hermit – the omega and symbol of accomplishment.

You can download a high-resolution A4 file here, print it, frame it, and hang it on your wall.

Alternatively, you can buy it as a magnetic metal poster here on Displate. I don’t know what is more environmentally friendly – not cutting trees or producing metal – but Displate got me when I learned that they plant ten trees for every metal poster bought – almost nine million trees to date. I love trees and I wish I had the time to plant trees in deserts.

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