The Planetary Boot Camp

Planetary life is like an RPG game.


Body-mind = spacesuit
Ego = avatar
Soul = cosmic avatar


Planet Earth has the feel of a boot camp game to it. Because of all that adversity. 
Before our awakening, we thought that the planetary boot camp is real. We were trapped in common sense. Adversity kept us so busy that we didn’t question reality. In particular, we didn’t question the sense of separation and the illusions it produces, competition, conflicts, arguments, quarrels, fights, and wars. That’s the hound race. That’s the boot camp feeling.

Awakening introduces the truth that planetary game is just one of many realities and that there are unknown aspects of our self to explore, the soul, the higher self, etc.

Awakening puts us on a new game level, heightened common sense. On this level, we learn some secret game skills, for example, how to work the law of attraction more effectively.

Enlightenment work on the awakened level earns us credits (Esprit) with which we can upgrade our avatar. For example, the avatar learns how to think and feel positively and how to love properly.

These upgrades also raise self-consciousness towards the higher self. We distance ourselves from the game. We play the game without being sucked into it. Without being deluded by it. Without suffering from it. This changes the gaming mood from struggling to creative living – fulfilling our heart’s desire and enlightenment.
Enlightenment Psychology Model
When the avatar is sufficiently upgraded, we level up again. The third gaming level is called great work and aims as a transformation of the spacesuit – the body-mind vehicle.

The game (adversity) can’t teach us that, and that is why a herald will introduce us to a secret moccasin camp within the planetary boot camp. That can be an organization or a person (guru).

This level has a strong boot camp feel to it again. We are subjected to the subtler currents of karma/adversity and exercises a lot to upgrade our vibes. These upgrades are subtle and we have to work without obvious success for decades. That requires true faith.
If we have the faith it takes and keep upgrading our vibes, we will be able to reunite with and realize the higher self. We meet the creator of the game – the creator of the matrix ;-). This is a point of no return or rather point of no lose because it creates a permanent and lucid connection with the higher self. The higher self will – like a mentoring voice in a game – guide the soul-avatar through advanced transformations and prepare it for the next level – cosmic gaming.
We reach the sixth level by upgrading our planetary spacesuit to a cosmic spacesuit. This one, we can assemble and disassemble at will, and we can venture to any planet and play its game without going through the birth-cycle. This is moksha.
The seventh level is called cosmic consciousness. On that level, we can create games.

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