The Proof of God

According to Webster, a proof is a process of establishing the validity of a statement, especially by derivation from other statements, in accordance with principles of reasoning.
God is ineffable; hence it is impossible to make a statement about Him. No statement, no proof. Agnosticism it is!

However, it is impossible to disprove God as well. That’s important. The ability to disprove a theory by scientific experiments is an indispensable part of the scientific method. God, if He exists, exists outside of the scientific context. Don’t bother, brother atheist!

Proving God is out of the question, but I believe it is possible to prove that someone created life. The thesis: What is the mathematical probability that our DNA came about by a series of fortunate events? Or the reverse: What is the mathematical probability that someone designed the DNA?

Here are four arguments pro intelligent design:

The Law of Thermodynamics

According to the Law of Thermodynamics, the universe wants to return to a state of entropy or rest. That is not happening.
David Christian shows in his TED talk, The History of our World in 18 Minutes, that the universe crossed six thresholds of evolution. Each crossing is magical because it creates the impression of something new appearing almost out of nowhere.
These are the six thresholds of cosmic complexity:

  • The Big Bang
  • The birth of stars
  • Stars die and create temperatures hot enough to produce complex chemicals that turn into rocks, asteroids, and planets
  • The formation of planets and solar systems
  • The appearance of biological life
  • The emergence of humans and culture

What is the next level?

Conclusion: There is something that progressively upsets the Law of Thermodynamics and pushes for an (intelligent) organization of matter. Where does this pressure come from?

Do the Math and Calculate the Probability

Fred Hoyle did the math and concluded that the probability of accidental abiogenesis* and evolution of higher lifeforms compares to the probability of a tornado sweeping through a junkyard and assembling a Boeing 747.

Conclusion: Someone or something designed the DNA. Fred Hoyle was an atheist and claimed that aliens did. That leaves us with the questions who created the DNA of the aliens.

* Abiogenesis is the natural process by which life arises from non-living matter

The Failure of Re-engineering the Primordial Soup

Scientists tried to re-engineer the primordial soup in which the accident of organic life supposedly happened. The result: They failed to produce even the most basic organic building blocks.
Now, think of a single-celled being. It has a digestive system, an excretory system, a respiratory system, a musculoskeletal system, an immune system, a reproductive system, and a cardiovascular system. Scale that and you will see that it has the complexity of a city. Basic organic building blocks compare to bricks in the walls of a city. If the god of coincidence can’t make bricks, how can he build a city?
A lab is a friendly environment. Planet Earth was/is not friendly. Despite that, life seems to appear spontaneously even under harsh conditions.
Conclusion: Someone designed the DNA and something is pushing for life to emerge.

The DNA’s Code-like Structure

The DNA is a digital code and works like an operating system. It produces bodies and maintains them. The universe is analog. A digital code is circumstantial evidence of intelligence.

It is pretty obvious, isn’t it? What makes me wonder is the fact that neither scientists, atheists, nor religious minds like to look at the evidence. Scientists would lose their atheistic faith and religious minds their religious faith. Wait a minute – what about a scientific religion?

That is why this field of research is left to believers in (ancient) aliens. Too bad because the questions are juicy:

Who designed the DNA?
Was it one or many beings?
Are they still working on it?
What is the designer’s IQ?
What are the means of design?
Where is/are the designer(s)?
If they aren’t in this universe how do they access it?


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