The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

An Inspiration and Enlightenment Workshop Book Review

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne is an enlightenment blockbuster about the Law of Attraction.

Why review a book that is already famous? It is an opportunity to review the Law of Attraction. We all have our peculiar weaknesses. Negative thinking and feeling keep creeping back into our minds like termites keep invading houses. Inventory time!

The Secret is a modern, simple take on karma: Create positive experiences by imagining the things you want instead of worrying about things you don’t want.

The book and the film do a great job at drumming that simple message into the readers/viewers mind. We should have more books/films like that. Enlightenment truths are useless if we don’t turn them into positive habits.

This is how you work the Law of Attraction:

  1. Ask for a concrete result, for example, a new car
  2. Think, feel, and imagine that it’s already yours
  3. Don’t worry about how it will come to pass
  4. Get ready to receive it

The key to positive thinking is a positive attitude towards life. An attitude is a habitual, emotional response. What is the ultimate positive emotional response? Gratitude/appreciation. Appreciation excels at working the Law of Attraction. If you feel lack, appreciate what you have and it will accumulate. Same thing with relationships. Your body responds to appreciation too.

Are you working the Secret?

Then, you already verified that it works.

A few times.

In the beginning.

But then the magic fades.


There is a secret to the secret…

Who should read this book? Anyone who wants to learn how to manage the karma and law of attraction.

Why read this book? A good introduction to karma and the law of attraction.


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