Secrets to the Secret

In a nutshell, the Secret is the conscious management of the law of attraction. The law of attraction is simple: As we sow, so we reap. What we reap we have sown. What goes around, comes around. What comes around went around. We recognize the manifestation of undeviating justice in all circumstances of our lives.

The law of attraction is one of the first secrets we learn when we engage with enlightenment. And that it yields to thoughts, feelings, and visualization. The avatar realizes that he is a magician and hypes. He gets all excited, learns to focus (mostly) on things he wants to experience and succeeds and succeeds and succeeds, and then, the magic fades.

There is a secret to the secret. Actually, a couple.

“Hey Weeds, Don’t Grow!”

Try to sit in a garden and think, “Weeds don’t grow!” It won’t work. Except we are in the sixth stage of enlightenment. But most of us aren’t. And in that case, we wouldn’t ask the weeds to stop growing.

Why can’t the Secret stop weeks from growing? The Law of Attraction understands only positive expectations and ignores negations. When we think “Weeds, don’t grow!” the left side of our brain produces a visual of growing weeds and the right side of our brain produces the thought don’t. The law of attraction ignores the thought and makes the weeds grow faster. 😉

Watch out for the negation trap if you’re a parent. If you tell your child, “Don’t touch the dog!” that will actually tempt your child to touch the dog because you produce the visual of touch dog in the child’s mind. Better if you say something like, “Careful, dogs bite.”


This is the most obvious secret to the Secret. Nothing will happen if we visualize and then go and eat ice cream. We need to invest ten thousand hours of creative imagination, creative feeling, positive thinking, planning, execution, and interpreting karma to be good at anything. 

We got to walk the walk.

Positive Thinking Works – a Little

Positive thinking is good, but it is not our strongest suit. Feelings are stronger than thoughts. If we think love but feel hate, hate will prevail.

Visualization is stronger than emotions. Hence, the law of attraction works best with creative imagination. Visualize, visualize, visualize.

Subconsciousness Rules the Law of Attraction

My daughter told me once that she doesn’t believe in the law of attraction, because she didn’t think of having an accident, but she did. This is a tricky one. What we reap, we have sown – somehow – but karmic trails are hard to trace. When the law of attraction surprises us, it is likely that it executed a subconscious wish or expectation. Let me explain. 

The law of attraction does not discriminate between conscious and subconscious expectations. It fulfills both. That’s why we may make conscious efforts of finding fulfilling relationships, but still end up with the wrong guy or woman. That is due to negative subconscious expectations or needs, for example, the subconscious need to be abused.

Conscious And Subconscious Expectations

ce = conscious expectation

se = subconscious expectation

Subconscious expectations are often stronger than conscious wishes because they are habitual. And since we are not conscious of them, they can do their thing in secret.

Solve et coagula. That is a Latin expression. It means dissolve and assemble. It is an ancient enlightenment guideline. It suggests the dissolution of (old) negative, subconscious responses/expectations and the creation of positive ones. Mind that solve comes first. We need to declutter our subconsciousness (by recapitulation) to ensure the law of attraction keeps working in our favor. You can read more about this in this post: The Chained Soul

Can’t Fool Subconsciousness

Our personal subconsciousness is the link to the impersonal law of attraction. Everything goes through subconsciousness.

Subconsciousness knows what we truly need and want. We can’t fool it. If we try to work the Secret on things or situations that we don’t truly want or need, it’s not going to work very well.

There are two kinds of desires, those we copy from the external world and those we receive from the higher self, e. g. our heart’s desire. The things and situations we truly need are those that advance our heart’s desire and enlightenment. The others are nice to have. And nice to sacrifice.

Being vs. Having

Sometimes the law of attraction doesn’t work because we’re not ready.

Want love? Become a lover first.

The Secret doesn’t change us. The Secret is just a catalyst – the conscious management of the law of attraction. Being is the ultimate catalyst. When you pursue your heart’s desire or a career, there will be a long time of wanting and striving, but one day you will become it. And after you became it, it is almost impossible for someone to take it away from you. It will work on its own, like a flywheel, and it is yours to lose.

Proper Formulation

Once upon a time, a woman imagined having a husband. The result: husbands from the hood chased her. 

Once upon a time, a man imagined counting a lot of money. The result: he ended up with a job counting money in a financial institute.

The formulation of wishes and wants is a skill. It takes time and experience to acquire that skill. Have patience. And take failures with humor.

Cutting to the Chase

If we just had enough money…

What do we want money for? To fulfill our heart’s desire? There are many ways to fulfill our heart’s desire. Money is just one or many ways. And it distracts.

We want to be free…

What do we want to do when we are free?

Asking for money and freedom puts the cart before the horse. We should cut to the chase and pursue our heart’s desires. When we do that, the law of attraction will provide us with the money and freedom we need. And everything else.

I had an argument with a friend once. I told him, if I had more money than I needed, I would rent a new car every month. He disagreed. He wanted to own his cars. I begged to differ. Life is about experiencing. Better experience ten cars than owning one. Experiencing ownership is a dull experience. If you don’t believe me, ask rich people. Wishes are ghosts. As soon as we got what we want, we don’t want it anymore (logically). Check your closet for clothes that still have a price tag.

It is the experience of taking a Lamborghini for a spin, driving a yacht, and carrying a Gucci bag around that is satisfying, not the thing itself. Also, experiencing is success with a low karmic imprint.

The Technicalities of the Secret

This is the chain of command:

Technicalities Law of Attraction

We need to work the whole chain holistically. For example, I like speed and prefer sports cars but I worry about Mother Nature. That breaks the chain. Till I can afford an electric sports car. 😉

How does the law of attraction bring about results? It does three things:

  • It connects us to helpful or harmful people
  • It influences other people’s visualizations, feelings, and thoughts
  • It connects us to knowledge or errors
  • It creates synchronicities (opportunities) and puts us in the right place at the right time or in harm’s way.

That’s all there is to the law of attraction. There is no magic wand. That’s why we still have to work the work, discern helpful from harmful, nourish relationships, identify useful knowledge, and recognize opportunities. And upgrade the collective subconsciousness with positive thoughts and feelings. 

It is worth having a closer look at the last one – synchronicities. Let’s take a simple example, finding an empty parking spot. People compete for parking spots. Does the law of attraction favor one person over the other? Can there be a secret power struggle? Not really. The law of attraction creates synchronicities keeping all of us in mind.

This is important: Life is one.

We can all have what we need without taking it away from others. The law of attraction will always look for win-win-win-win-∞.

Relax and enjoy the magic show.

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