Telepathic Noise

Have you ever thought of killing someone?

Scary, isn’t it?

I have good news: It was not really you who thought that.

The Collective Matrix

Below the surface of our self-conscious, separative awareness, we are all connected – subconsciously – to the collective matrix or collective unconscious.

According to Carl Jung, the collective unconscious is populated by instincts and archetypes, which have a profound influence on the lives of individuals and who express these collective instincts and archetypes in their own, personal way. – Wikipedia

It is like in the movie The Matrix but with the difference that souls produce and maintain the collective matrix – not machines.

How does this work? All human minds – incarnate and discarnate – connect via collective telepathy. Via this collective telepathy, we constantly share thoughts, feelings, ideas, images, even memories. In fact, nothing we think or feel originates in us.

You are a processor, not an originator. This is your choice: let telepathic noise influence you or let the higher self inspire you.

Collective Matrix


Psychic people are susceptible to telepathic noise, they may even hear voices.

According to the Health Foundation, 5% to 28% of any general population hears voices. Hearing voices is an auditory hallucination that may or may not be a mental health problem, e. g. schizophrenia.

In the context of enlightenment psychology, voices are real and hearing them is perfectly normal. On a side note, there are no demons at work here, just other minds – incarnate, discarnate, or astral.

Psychic susceptibility increases when we have connections to other souls.

Try to visualize an invisible nerve network extending from you to every person you have met. Signals (thoughts) constantly travel along this network to and from you. From those who think of you frequently, consciously or otherwise, there extends a strong, well-circuited channel of communication. At the other end of the frequency are those who may think of you perhaps once each year. Examine the totality of individuals that you have met and known, as well as many you may have affected unknowingly, and you may begin to appreciate the probable sources of the many non-objective signals influencing you at any given moment. The quality of the signals evidently varies greatly, based principally upon the degree of emotion present during transmission. The more intense the emotion, the greater the signal intensity. The question of “good” or “bad” does not alter the quality of transmission. The converse works in precisely the same fashion. You transmit to those of whom you think, and they are affected by what you think. “Think” here refers to those mental actions almost wholly at a non-conscious level, chiefly emotional and subjective in nature. When this kind of transmission and reception takes place consciously and willfully, it is labeled telepathy. – Robert A. Monroe, Journeys Out of the Body, page 265

Magical rituals can establish telepathic connections with discarnate souls or astral entities. Sorcery, magic, and Wicca is not enlightenment, usually a quest for power.  You don’t want that either.

Don Juan said that the inorganic beings who populated or twin world [astral world] were considered, by the sorcerers of his lineage, to be our relatives. Those shamans believed that it was futile to make friends with our family members because their demands levied on us for such friendship were always exorbitant. He said that that type of inorganic beings, who are our first cousins, communicate with us incessantly, but that their communication with us is not at the level of conscious awareness. In other words, we know all about them in a subliminal way, while they know all about us in a deliberate, conscious manner.
“The energy from our first cousins is a drag!” don Juan went on. “They are as fucked up as we are. Let’s say that the organic and inorganic beings of our twin worlds are the children of two sisters who live next door to each other. They are exactly alike although they look different. They cannot help us, and we cannot help them. Perhaps we could join together, and make a fabulous family business corporation, but that hasn’t happen. Both branches of the family are extremely touchy and take offense over nothing, a typical relationship between touchy first cousins. The crux of the matter, the sorcerers of ancient Mexico believed, is that both human beings and inorganic beings from the twin worlds are profound egomaniacs.” – Carlos Castaneda, The Active Side of Infinity, page 197

How to Escape the Telepathic Noise

You want to have your quiet because being susceptible to the telepathic noise compares to being crammed in a room with a hundred people blaring about. And none of them will ever listen to what you have to say. And you can’t silence them.

You want enlightenment – inspirations from the higher self.

It is possible to silence voices – with medication or by reducing your sensitivity, e.g. eating rare steaks and smoking. Suppressing the susceptibility to other/collective thoughts and feelings is almost impossible prior to illumination. But you can implement some kind of selection mechanism. Pick up what is useful and let the useless pass through. This is how you can distinguish telepathic noise and inspirations:

Voices manifest in your head. They flatter and manipulate your emotions. They do a lot of blamestorming and shamestorming to make you listen to their message. They tell you what to do. In particular, discarnate minds are eager to influence you, because they currently lack a body to make an impact on the external world.

Inspirations arrive with a calm voice/thought/feeling within the heart. Mind the singular. It produces a serene aura of empathy and love and it has a splendid sense of humor. The calm voice never tells you what you should do, instead, it conveys principles that help you solve challenges and make well-founded decisions. It is patient and social and will never ask you to pursue goals at the expense of another. And it warns you of danger – that strong hunch you should bring an umbrella or fasten your seatbelt. It is the ancient, prophetic voice that conveys enlightenment principles.

With a bit of training, you will be able to tell whether the higher self or voices talk through you and other people. Check social media posts for (self-)flattery, emotional manipulation, and fishy calls to action, and you know who is behind it.

The tests and trials the telepathic noise present us can be very subtle. There was a time when I practiced outreach meditation. I was able to fish a lot of good ideas from the telepathic noise, but these ideas were arbitrary and most of them did not harmonize with my heart’s desire and personal legend. Pursuing these – very tempting – external inspirations led me into many dead ends. Now, I reach in to the higher self. Inspirations from the higher self are rarer but sure and focussed. This change made a huge difference in my life, for example, it led me to create this blog.

Collective Thoughts and Feelings

The telepathic noise produces and maintains collective ideas and feelings. These are real entities and they have strong gravitational power. For example, human minds have charged the concept of revenge for millennia.

Collective Matrix Ideas

We tune into these collective ideas and feelings all the time. Ever wondered, why populism works despite it being idiotic? Because populistic ideas are like viruses that produce epidemics.

When the time is wrong, these collective ideas and emotions can cause collective hysteria.

Namely, in the year 1673, in Calw, Württemberg, such an epidemic took hold of the youth there. Children from seven to ten years old professed to have been led to nightly witch assemblies on forks, goats, chicken, and cats, where they had to renounce the holy trinity and feast with the witches. – Soldan-Heppe, History of the Witch Trials

If you want to get a feel for mass hysteria, check out this list on wikipedia. Mind that not all cases listed there are a matter of the collective matrix, rather smaller group matrices, for example, an isolated monastery or a sect.

We can improve the collective matrix. In fact, this kinda our duty. All positive thoughts and feelings we emanate refine and enhance the collective matrix and raise its vibes. All negative thoughts and feelings we receive, transform into positive vibes, and emanate will do an even better job.

Lightworkers of all countries, unite!

Love and Light!

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