Try to visualize an invisible nerve network extending from you to every person you have met. Signals (thoughts) constantly travel along this network to and from you. From those who think of you frequently, consciously or otherwise, there extends a strong, well-circuited channel of communication. At the other end of the frequency are those who may think of you perhaps once each year. Examine the totality of individuals that you have met and known, as well as many you may have affected unknowingly, and you may begin to appreciate the probable sources of the many non-objective signals influencing you at any given moment.
The quality of the signals evidently varies greatly, based principally upon the degree of emotion present during transmission. The more intense the emotion, the greater the signal intensity. The question of “good” or “bad” does not alter the quality of transmission.
The converse works in precisely the same fashion. You transmit to those of whom you think, and they are affected by what you think. “Think” here refers to those mental actions almost wholly at a non-conscious level, chiefly emotional and subjective in nature. When this kind of transmission and reception takes place consciously and willfully, it is labeled telepathy.

– Robert A. Monroe, Journeys Out of the Body, page 265

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