The Autofocus System

Professionalism plays its part in an enlightened lifestyle. Professionalism means sticking to the right (enlightenment) principles no matter what.

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I believe in to-do lists. I have a few. I used to manage my to-do lists with prioritization until I stumbled upon the Autofocus System. It works like this:

  1. Read quickly through all items on a to-do list page without taking action on any of them.
  2. Go through the page more slowly looking at the items until one stands out for you.
  3. Work on that item for as long as you feel like doing so
  4. Cross the item off the list, and re-enter it at the end of the list if you haven’t finished it
  5. Continue going around the same page in the same way. Don’t move onto the next page until you complete a pass of the page without any item standing out
  6. Move onto the next page and repeat the process

The Autofocus system increases my efficiency because it allows subconsciousness to prioritize. Whatever the avatar focusses on, e. g. a problem, subconsciousness will (secretly) elaborate. When it is done, it will offer answers and suggest solutions. Going through your to-do list without conscious focus, allows subconsciousness to suggest to-do items it elaborated and is ready to complete.

Mark Forster invented the Autofocus system. Here are the complete instructions on how to use the Autofocus System.

On a side note, subconsciousness can only elaborate what it knows. If you face the unknown, you want to invoke guidance of the higher self.

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