The Soul and the Golden Proportion

We, self-conscious souls, mediate between the higher self and our body/nature.

Soul Golden Proportion

We are a channel for the higher self’s influence and inspirations that extend – through us – all the way to the inorganic levels of nature. We extend the Light.

The ancient axiom The Lesser is to the Greater as the Greater to the Whole reveals the mathematical relationship between the higher self, a self-conscious soul, and nature. The corresponding mathematical equation:

w/g = g/l or (g+l)/g = g/l = φ

φ is an irrational number with the approximate value of 1.6180339887.  φ is the famous golden ratio, golden section, or divine proportion. This proportion is all over nature – inorganic and organic – for example, in the human face, flower petals, shells, and the geometrical form of galaxies.

The golden ratio produces a sense of beauty, one of the four human intangibles besides purpose, happiness, and love.

We, souls, take nature’s beauty to the next level: music, dance, poetry, fiction, paintings, architecture, filmmaking, sculpturing, and last but not least, technology.

We, souls, are natural born artists!

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Image attribution: Copyright/ vlue / 123RF Stock Photo

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