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We are energetic beings that interact with an energetic universe. That is our reality, not our body and the things we can see, hear, touch, taste, and smell. These are (beautiful) illusions.

The foundation of our existence is intangible energy. That’s why I track the ups and downs of my energies.

This is how I do it: I divide the years into the thirty-six decanates of the zodiac. My calendar notifies me every time a new decanate begins. What is a decanate? The year has twelve zodiac months and each month has three decanates of ten days each. What are the differences between the decanates? Each decanate is ruled by a different planet, for example, Mars rules the first decanate of Aries, the Sun the second, and Jupiter the third.

I make notes of my creative, emotional, intellectual, and physical performance, like migraine, lots of energy for creative writing, impatience, low sexual energy, lower back pain, prone of romance – anything I notice.

I have been tracking my energies for five years now. If something re-occurs, I add an asterisk. For example, my note digestion problems in Virgo D1 has already four asterisks. Hence, I am extra careful what I during those ten days. My notes on Libra D1 look like this: Headache**, good visualizations, difficulty in concentrating on BOTA lessons*, melancholy, easily irritated, recapitulation dreams*

I have reference points for tracking my emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and physical energies. For example, I play online chess to relax my mind. I simply track my ranking to determine how my wits wax and wane.

Why do I track my energies? When a new decanate starts, I have a quick look and mentally prepare myself for the challenges. And auspiciousnesses ;-).

This method can’t illumine all personal energetic movements. You would also have to consider the Astrological year (the Chinese zodiac) and the Moon calendar. I don’t go that deep, I am happy with a weather forecast for each decanate.

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