We are!

We must learn that wherever we go, to carry with us the realization that everybody of us is!

We should accept this as a proof that the divine set a goal that It wants to realize and experience through us. We cannot fail, because the divine cannot fail.

We can make mistakes at the interpretation of a goal, but even this is temporary. Eventually, we learn through these misinterpretations. Indeed, every seeming failure gives us the fresh opportunity to more insight and growth, which enables us to participate in the goal that the Higher Self has defined.

Superconsciousness in you has wished Itself a goal and defined it and therefore you cannot miss this goal.

…Again and again he [aspirant] reminds himself that the exception does not prove the rule. He works with specific imagination on his personal participation of the cosmic process. This way he applies his imagination almost exclusively with the visualization of definite goals and practically does not think in this stage about means and ways.

– Paul Foster Case

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