Why Saints Are Losers

Did you pursue your enlightenment career, and after some time, turned into a loser? You’re not the only one. It happened to me too.

Don’t worry, there is nothing wrong with you. You didn’t lose your mojo and you’re not having a bad karma streak.

If you pursue enlightenment, the loss of competitiveness is inevitable because the work transforms your vibes from competitive to compassionate. You change from a taker to a giver. The want to be loved metamorphoses into the desire to love unconditionally. The urge to win turns into empathy. The need to be better than others converts into the desire to evolve.

This doesn’t mean that losers can’t do business or great work. The opposite actually. It means that they need to do enlightened business. They need to create a new, benevolent way of doing business and forming companies. Chobani founder Hamdi Ulukaya illustrates this in his anti-CEO TED talk – that prioritizing people over profits is true wealth and that it works!


Create a business or do work that makes people happy and/or has great value. And no more win-lose.

Good business is win-win, everything else shades into crime.

There is a remarkable difference in how Americans and Chinese seek to gain an edge in business. Americans trust in competitiveness, the manipulate of markets, and bending rules. The Chinese bank on Feng Shui, which evolves business slowly and benevolently, in harmony with our biological and geological environment. Feng Shui works! Nike, Coca-Cola, Virgin Airlines, intel, Procter & Gamble, Citibank, and Hilton employ it.

The pledge to lose is a terrifying leap of faith. And that leap takes time – until a benevolent source of income manifests. Faith requires focus, determination, endurance, and determination to sacrifice the lesser for the greater. That’s tough – much tougher than competitiveness.

There is another reason, why losing is important. Enlightenment is transformational. Can’t reach the light with a lot of dark baggage. Like in overweight contests, the greatest loser wins. Like Hans In Luck.

“Only the poor in mind reach Heaven,” said Jesus.


“The tonal must be swept clean, like an empty table”, said Don Juan.

You need to empty your mind from common sense before your teacher can fill it with wisdom.

There’s a glory in being a loser, spiritual glory. Losing is the secret of enlightenment great work.


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