Why the Forty Percent Rule of the Navy Seals Is Dangerous

Have you heard of the forty percent rule? It goes something like this: When you feel that you reached your physical or mental limits, you’ve actually reached only forty percent.

The forty percent barrier is a safety mechanism in your brain that keeps you from exhausting physical and mental energies.
Nature has put this barrier in place for a good reason. So, why should you ignore it and push yourself beyond what’s healthy? You shouldn’t. Exhausting your energies is a recipe for disaster.

Many modern jobs are one-sided and strain body, mind, and soul. On a daily basis, we push our mind and body beyond what is healthy. Physical strain can cause tendon problems, back problems, poor eyesight, and migraine. Mental exhaustion can cause depression and anxiety disorders. Conclusion: Avoid stress, except your company compensates you for that.

A) Emergency: If you face a crucial deadline, by all means, work through the night.
B) A challenge or competition: If you want to win a football match you gotta go all in.
C) Partying: Enjoy going overboard if you’re willing to pay the price.
D) Exercises: Ever shocked your muscles at the gym? That’s pushing beyond the forty percent barrier.

The Navy Seals do D). They push beyond the forty percent barrier during training so that they can go all in during a battle.

Pressure makes diamonds, or not.

We can’t cheat nature’s balance. If a farmer use fertilizers, nature will give him more potatoes but decrease their nutritional value. If you go beyond your forty percent potential, you can work more, but the quality of your work will decrease.

The key to pushing your personal energy envelope is not breaking through the forty percent barrier. It is increasing the total of your mental and physical energies so that your forty percent potential increases.

Forty Percent Rule

Successful people don’t exhaust their energies. They are efficient and keep their body, mind, and soul fit. Efficiency means not wasting energy and resources – like time – but putting them to good use.

How to keep the mind fit? Do Yoga, meditate, relax your mind, and exercise your focus.
How to keep the soul fit? Kindle love, happiness, beauty, and purpose. And pursue your heart’s desire.

On a side note, body and mind are strongest three days after exercising. If you have a tough event coming up, relax for three days to accumulate bonus energy. Mind this bonus energy will deplete on that day. It will give you a short-term edge, nothing more.

On a side note, reading and writing put an equal strain on the frontal lobe. The frontal lobe translates sensual data into brain images and turns thoughts into action or words. The overuse of the frontal lobe produces fatigued energies that collect above the eyes and behind the eyebrows. The result: dizziness, headache, migraine. You can remove used-up energies by massaging the inside of your eye cavities and/or rolling your eyes toward the sore areas.

Why don’t you take stress off your eyes whenever you can? For example, have your computer read a text to you instead of reading it yourself.


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