The Enlightenment Network

There is only one true global conspiracy and that is the enlightenment network. The enlightenment network is a benevolent conspiracy of countless incarnate and discarnate souls who pursue enlightenment and help others along the way.

Mankind is the grand business of the universe and the enlightenment network is its corporation.

The Layered World

The cosmic self creates the world in its mind. Everything is conscious or rather has various degrees of consciousness, from the all-embracing consciousness of the cosmic self down to the imperceptible consciousness of subatomic particles.

The world is built on layers. As souls evolve, their consciousness rises through these layers. We don’t get chosen or elected to a grade in the enlightenment network as you know it from organizations like the Freemasons. The enlightenment network is a true and seamless meritocracy. Your state of consciousness determines your grade. Nobody can stop you. Nobody wants to stop you.

References to the hierarchy of the world and the enlightenment network are scattered throughout spiritual scriptures:

World trees borrow themselves as glyphs for the hierarchy of the world because they branch out into the sky and earth – the physical and the higher universes.


Tree Earth & Sky


The most advanced glyph of the hierarchy of the world is the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life spans four universes and details four hundred distinct spheres or levels of attainment (see the image below).

The Enlightenment Network and Planet Earth

The enlightenment network is active on Planet Earth and all other planets in the universe that bear life. The enlightenment network doesn’t interfere in politics. Instead, it helps to transform the collective subconsciousness, upgrades collective vibes, and inspires and protects souls from danger.

The enlightenment network is our true family. It is our home. Our tribe.

The Aquarian Age – dawning as we speak – will lift a critical mass of souls into the enlightenment network. This will bring about the long-foretold brother- and sisterhood of Homo sapiens. But mind that the unity of mankind has been, is, and will always be a reality. We don’t bring this unity about, we become only conscious of it.

Your Place in the Enlightenment Network

Are you curious about where you are right now? Have a look:


Mind that we are not contained in our current grade. Our soul’s consciousness is like smoke. It reaches upward and we have moments in which we get hunches of higher states of mind. The base of our smoke — fire or spirit — determines our grade, the grade we can’t sink below.

The cosmic self reveals its inspirations through descending centers of consciousness. The higher self, the single cosmic self of mankind, translates cosmic intentions into something souls can grasp and work with.


We receive inspirations from above and relay them to others. In that respect, we are mediums and we don’t own the inspirations we collect. No copyright in the enlightenment network.

The more we relay, the more we receive. We can boost our receptivity by giving everything we think, feel, and do a cosmic purpose and dedicating it to the agenda of the enlightenment network.

Even our desires are not our own. Desires begin as cosmic intentions. The higher self relays them to the enlightenment network. Once relayed, they cascade through the enlightenment network until they arrive in our minds, where we turn them into desires. The essence of every desire is cosmic and pure, only the form we give it can be selfish. What about grasping the cosmic significance of our desires, ridding them of their selfish shells, and executing them with their cosmic purpose in mind? That way, we will not only help the enlightenment network but also minimize personal karma.

How to Become Conscious of the Enlightenment Network?

How useful are you to the enlightenment network?
How developed is your intuition?
How effective do you relay intuition?

The Connection to the Higher Self

The connection to the higher self has a personal feel to it. The higher self is patient and compassionate and kind. It concerns itself with your enlightenment progress, the fulfillment of your heart’s desire, guidance, and protection.

The Connection to the Cosmic Self

The connection to the cosmic self feels less personal because we get in touch with cosmic intention. Cosmic intention isn’t concerned with our current state of consciousness. It is, in a way, beyond compassion. It’s a great accomplishment to connect to the cosmic self but feels a bit like climbing Mt. Everest.

The Connection to the Enlightenment Network

If you connect to the enlightenment network during meditation, we will open ourselves to a stream of inspirations that deal with the progress of Homo sapiens. These can be inspirations to invent something, write a story, compose a song, or help with a social challenge.

On a side note, the connection to the enlightenment network explains the phenomenon of multiple discovery or simultaneous inventions.

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